DQN Short Novel (Part 13)

DQN Short Novel

The second novel commences with a suspiciously brief section about little girls and tea parties.

It contains only 12 posts, 142 words and 788 characters.

Prologue: The Death of DQN-kun's Motivation to Continue His Short Novel

It was a beautiful day in Cambridge. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and a little girl was walking through the park, her name was Lucy. She was really pleased with the new choco-aisu hat Squeeks had given her! Little did she know, Beady Eyes was about to derail her beloved hat. However, neither of them realised that it wasn't actually made of chocolate ice cream.

And so began the grand tea party.

The palace's gates opened just a hair after dawn and the grounds were suddenly flooded with young girls (ranging from the ages of 8 through 12). The queen observed them from the top of her tower and laughed. "Ohohoho," she chortled. "It's begun!" And after the last little girl in the whole country had entered the castle, the gates slammed shut -- to never be opened again!

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