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The DQN Short Novel - currently untitled - is an ongoing collaborative project which began on the 6520th of September 1993. It is well known for its erratic narrative, non-linear chapter order and general lack of coherence or plot.

At the end of the first thread, it was revealed that it was in fact the first of a trilogy, defying the usual constraints of the categorisation "short novel" - namely, being a short novel.

The novel is currently[citation needed] being recorded as part of the DQN Short Novel Audiobook Project.



Book 1

Chapter 1

EPILOGUE: Dying Flames of a Dokyun's Heart

Part 2: Vultures on the boundary of the river wheel Battle Tendency Electric Boogaloo Stardust Crusaders: EXTREME EDITION:ちんこ+

Chapter Three: Where the fuck is the plunger, and should ▇▇▇▇'s tanooki costume have gigantic balls attached to the front to add realism to it?

Part 3, chapter 3 The Legend of Zelda: Phantasy Star Online Chrono Trigger Monster Hunter Blazblue Project Diva: under the moon loli to issho Subterranean Animism

Chapter 3: Betrayal in Venice

Chapter 4: It's Always Sunny In Venice

Chapter 3 Version II: Nobody Cares About Venice

Chapter 4: A gaseous cat in the knee

Part 4: Clandestine Cat Culture and the Carnivorous Calico Cormorant

Chapter 4½: The Secret Lives of Ducks

Chapter Twelve: Butchered Twilight Fragments

Book 2

Prologue: The Death of DQN-kun's Motivation to Continue His Short Novel

Chapter One: Love and TEA ON A BLACK AFTERNOON ~ Phantasmagoria of Indecent Degustation

CHAPTER 2: ROYAL JAPANESE SAUSAGE, THE TIDAL "BORE", THE GREAT BEARS OF KADIAK, OLAF'S GREAT LESSON, and THE GRASP OF CIRCUMSTANCE: A weird series of tales of shipwreck and disaster, from the earliest part of the century to the present time, with accounts of providential escapes and heart-rending fatalities

CHAPTER 3: HARRY UP and the Goblet of Beer

Chapter 104: Return of the Great Sky Loli and Tharsh's Insatiable Appetite for Toast

Chapter 104-B: Return of the Great Sky Shota

CHAPTER 3 + 4i: Partially Imaginary Tea Party ON DRUGS

Chapter -7 + 24i: Nope

Chapter 4 - i-210100: The Penis with a Thousand Lacerations

Chapter 5. The Dreaded Penis Flytrap

Chapter 6. Goscone the Razorback Hog and his Ridiculous Rumpus

Chapter 8: Over the River and Through The Hair


CHAPTER ei: The Moment After the Beginning

Chapter 2x(NEET)-1^(cot y): In Which the GSL Gets All Tangled Up In A Bunch of Sinister Plots

Chapter 37.9299292: Michelle Obama is Fat and Angry

Chapter 八百万: The Night of Endless Bifurcations

Chapter dick: in which DQN attempts to deliver DQN-ness and struggles to do so.

Chapter dick, episode 3: The Great Sky Shota's Quest

CHAPTER FINAL: A Wedding, a 999 GET and the Untimely Revival of Ugly Baby the Almighty Overlord of an Unfortunately Placed Thermometer Which Caused the World Much Trouble For Years to Come who was capable of miscellaneous evil deeds including extortion, human trafficking, money laundry, sweatshop dirty diaper production and black market croquet festivals.

Book 3

Prologue: Mr Gray and his Exploding tripcode pals

Chapter Allodicious Naugentigo: The reversal of the Nines and the Collapse of the Sixes ~ Candid Immortal Disease

Chapter Dragon Dildo, Part 2: In the Briar Patch, GSSiblings To Issho ~ ラブラブ 150% EDITION ~

Chapter 222: The Untold Elegance of A Young Girl's Cute Anus

Chapter Qwubble: In Which the Previously-Unknown Daughter of Thursh Has a Tea Party and Befriends Some People and Stuff Like That

Chapter Genghis: A Sweet End to a Bitter Non Sequitur

Chapter: A Rude Rebeginninging / Chapter 1: Conquest of Western China

Chapter 10: Pedantic Interlude

Chapter Butts: A Vacation Interrupted

CHAPTER MXMIII: The Pure Love of

Chapter 2.71828: The Bombastic Bison of the Bolivian Blood Basin

Chapter 99, Part 9: The

CHAPTER A Hard Day's Bite

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