DQN Short Novel (Part 37)

DQN Short Novel

A beautiful little chapter about a cute little girl's cute, girly adventures doing things which are both girly and cute.

It contains 4 posts, 293 words and 1612 characters.

Chapter Qwubble: In Which the Previously-Unknown Daughter of Thursh Has a Tea Party and Befriends Some People and Stuff Like That

Late one afternoon on a strangely summery September day, a young girl was having a tea party. She was a proper little lady, wearing a clean white sundress and drinking in cute little sips, but she was somewhat distracted today. Today, she was feeling somewhat... lonely. Her thoughts drifted over to the servant who briefly tended her father's mansion, another young girl who she loved to play with. She had not seen that servant girl in quite a while--not since the girl left to go do deity stuff. She wished to see her again one day, perhaps for a day of wearing cute dresses and drinking tea and debating the nature of moe. Ah! But we forgot to mention the name of Thursh's daughter here. She was just such a nice and proper little lady that she was too polite to interrupt and point it out. Her name was Dead to Rights and she was actualt an undercover old man. A secret agent with the mission to capture Druggdeler.

Yes, that's just the sort of pretend game that Penelope Cosecant was prone to playing. She wasn't sure who or what Druggdeler was, but she'd overheard her father talking about him in a derogatory manner, so she employed her tragically limited knowledge of spy dramas to create an alter ego able to track him down.

Wasting no time, Penelope began to look for clues.

"Dead to Rights was hot on the trail. After beating the robot ghost pirate dinosaur mob boss, he found a clue that led him to believe that the infamous Druggdeler was hiding in... the gonzo pool!" Penelope liked to narrate her adventures in imagination. She crept over to the pool, which was full of jello for no apparent reason.

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