your friend till the end. enemy of feline.


how to know if a dog is a dog

just fucking look at the damn beast. here's a few defining traits of the dog:


dogs tend to have four legs, although they are known to have less on occasion. four legs good, two legs bad. i have two legs: i am bad. my dog has fur on her legs.

collar status

a collar is a bitch's best friends on the rough streets of America in the year 2011. turn on the tv and you see a dog with a red collar. my dog's collar is a chain collar that i can choke her with. collars have much more power than handcuffs because the neck is more vital than the limbs - give a tug and it gives the same result with less force. in BDSM some kinky people wear collars. i don't wear a collar. i am a free man.


if you are ever trapped in a swamp and there are alligators in the water coming towards you, you'll know that they are to be punched on the snout. the dog works the same way: punch it on the snout and it'll get pissed.if you are ever in doubt as to whether you are encountering a dog or a cat, first ask yourself a question: "does it have a snout that i can punch?" if yes, punch the filthy mongrel. feel proud of yourself

various dogs in vip culture

things like dogs

black people are dogs. hit them on the snout and order them around. put collars on them and watch them pick your cotten for you WHATS UP DOG? NOT MUCH DOG.

i once met a kind of dog called a pug. like a cat, it was small, fat, and ugly. but unlike a cat it had a snout. archive