Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat is the common name of John Devis, a fishing cat living in a Russian apartment with a domestic house cat (commonly known as Tuxedo Cat) and an ugly Russian couple. While pictures of this cat have surfaced on 4chan's /b/ and /an/ message boards from time to time for the past couple years, it seems that the bulk of the images were discovered sometime in the spring of 2007, elevating Fishing Cat to meme status.



The Russian couple living with Fishing Cat have set up Website for him, explaining in detail of his upbringing and everyday life. However, as the site is in Russian, one must rely on services such as Google to provide a translation if not able to understand the text. Said translations are often less than perfect, and as a result Fishing Cat's site comes out as what most would consider Caturday speak. However, through careful analysis some key facts about Fishing Cat have been inferred.

It seems that at one point, Fishing Cat and his sibling (name unknown) were living at a Russian zoo while still fishing kittens. For reasons which remain unclear the kittens' mother would not take care of them, prompting zoo officials to intervene and care for them instead. Judging by pictures from the site it seems that the Russian couple are somehow involved with the zoo, and decided to adopt the pair. While there are many pictures of both kittens, practically all the later pictures show only Fishing Cat. Some interpretations state that Fishing Cat's sibling died, though it is quite possible someone else adopted him/her from the Russians.

Fishing Cat can often be seen with Tuxedo Cat, his foster mother. The pair can be seen eating together, sleeping together, playing together, and sometimes even fighting. Interestingly Fishing Cat remains respectful of Tuxedo Cat, despite being nearly twice her size. Several pictures show him in submissive poses during play fighting.

Hunting and Fishing

Some of the more graphic pictures from the series include ones of Fishing Cat fishing, usually in the couple's own bathtub. Other images depict him carrying fish around and eating them in various parts of the apartment. There are even pictures detailing his making a meal of a dead chicken. The Russians do this to help him feel at home, where he could normally have fresh fish.

Status as a Meme

On /an/, Fishing Cat is considered something of a god, along the lines of BIKECAT and Longcat. He makes appearances in a variety of ways. Here are the most common:


A post will include a picture of Fishing Cat, along with a question regarding what kind of cat he is, as well as where the poster can obtain one (see below). This is sometimes used to troll.


As he is a cat, Fishing Cat images are susceptible to being macroed. Remember to use good taste.


Generally a picture of Fishing Cat catching a fish (or any picture of him at all) accompanied by a post along the lines of "FISHING CAT IS FISHING!"

Pet Fishing Cats?

Many consider Fishing Cat to be cute, and the fact that a cat would swim to be possibly the most amazing thing in the universe. As mentioned, it is often wondered where one can get such a cat as a pet. In fact, fishing cats are a threatened species, and their import into the US by private individuals is prohibited. While Fishing Cat clearly is best off in his apartment considering his circumstances, it is probably better that his kin remain in the wild, unmolested by mankind.

Also, though he gets along well in domestic life, other fishing cats have been known to fend off packs of wild dogs, and even escape zoo cages and kill other cats twice their size. Don't fuck with Fishing Cat. archive