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Address: 4chan.org
Type: Image/Text boards
Boards: Many Boards
Status: Alive (sadly)
Founded: October 2003
Founder: moot
Software: Modded Futaba
4chan is a bad place on the Internet.

[raep] History

4chan was founded by a bunch of Something Awful people. It grew very big quite fast, and managed to do so with an ever-decreasing singal-to-noise ratio. Nowadays, it's pretty much entirely random, and filled with people who think playing around with other peoples things is cool. If you enjoy having your sanity and your myspace free of FREE RINGTONES then avoid this site like a plague. If that is your kind of thing however, by all mean, sample 4chan today!

[raep] Alternatives

  • Any Kusaba-based board. They all look the same, really.
  • iichan - "Like what 4chan would be like if /b/ had not taken off".

[raep] Important links

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