How to Love an Anime Character Even More

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Learn how to fall deeply in love with a fictional character.


  1. Declare your undying love for your darling waifu.
  2. Accept that anime characters are as real as you believe they are and that nobody can take them away from you.
  3. Watch/play/read all of the source work relating to your beloved.
  4. Print out a picture of the character you are in love with. Put it in a classy looking picture frame and hang it from your wall. Gaze lovingly at it from time to time and perhaps caress her face a little as well.
  5. Cook a delicious meal and eat it together with her.
  6. Say "good night" to her every night before going to sleep.
  7. Consider purchasing a dakimakura of her. If she happens to be particularly plump, you can compensate by having her visage printed onto a mattress rather than a pillow.
  8. Marry said pillow.
  9. Construct a small shrine dedicated to your waifu.
  10. Spend all of your money on things which remind you of her.
  11. Manipulate the boundaries between dimensions and realities, shifting your existence to a universe in which you can meet your waifu in person.
  12. Congratulations! You have won at life. Feel free to kill yourself whenever you like.


  • Never give up! True love is only a dimension away.
  • Don't worry about going insane - it just means you love her all the more!


  • Masturbating to your waifu is considered distasteful by some.
  • Don't try to force yourself to stop loving a fictional character; you'll probably just give yourself a mental breakdown or accidentally set yourself on fire.

Things you'll need[edit]

  • An emotional bond to a fictional character.
  • A reasonable amount of money
  • The ability to manipulate boundaries between dimensions.

Things you'll no longer need[edit]

  • Other people
  • Pornography
  • Bitterness
  • Sanity

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