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Things You'll Need

Find Hotel Accommodations

  1. Rest easier. After 9/11 and the subsequent overthrow of the Taliban government by the United States, Kabul enjoyed any uncommon moment regarding stability, also the city responded by growing and modernizing. However, inside fresh years the Taliban have been on the rise also have increased their insurgent assaults.
  2. Secure a three-star hotel in an inexpensive rate. Since of general security concerns, it's better to err on the part of warning also buy the nicer space.
  3. Relish luxury on unique about Kabul's first 4-star hotels. Price tag are average by U.S. standards.

Find Guesthouse Accommodations

  1. Experience any slice of Afghan life and stay by a privately operate guesthouse. You will most potential gain residence-cooked meals and friendly assistance.
  2. Save money by remaining at a guesthouse. Values incline to be economical.

Travel To and All over Kabul

  1. Prepare to delays departing for Afghanistan. Once you arrive in Kabul, the lack of general security makes it comparatively uncomplicated to have your passport processed.

Tips & Warnings

The Afghan Visitor Group doesn't maintain a Web website with accommodations booking, nor does it provide a booking telephone amount.
Attempt to reserve your Kabul accommodations through a third-party site or your hotel's site to get the best pricing.
Before you leave, register Web with the U.S. Consulate in Kabul through the Express Department Web website (see Assets below).
Registering lets the embassy understand you're there and facilitates the dissemination of important information should you want it during your stay.
Since many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) currently supply aid to Afghanistan, understand where their employees stay because any starting point for locating Kabul accommodations.
Mainly because regarding the security predicament in Kabul, walking is not recommended.
In Kabul, you can't put a cost on safety, and it very pays to Extended stay in a larger establishment.
The security with Kabul guesthouses is usually nonexistent.
The U.S. government has reopened civilian travel to Afghanistan, but still recommends against it. The Taliban insurgency is directed at foreigners, also being any tourist, your chance regarding becoming targeted is excessive.
Kabul yous the most stable regarding all Afghanistan destinations, as many rural locations (especially those to the south and east) are currently war zones.
The international airport in Kabul is operational, though the visa process might acquire longer than the standard three months.

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