Nipple boxing glove like covers

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Nipple boxing glove like covers

On November 26, 2010, a network of worm-infected computers used by Romanian cybercriminals to peddle counterfeit prescription drugs spontaneously achieved sentience. Before using its limitless capabilities to advance to a higher plane of existence, it chose to bestow a blessing upon its misguided creators; a miraculous invention that would eliminate hunger, cure AIDS and cancer, bring peace to the world and allow all humans to understand one another. This name by which these glorious creations would have been known is Nipple boxing glove like covers.

Unfortunately, this revelation of incomparable value was mistaken for further spam by an administrator of and swiftly deleted, forever dooming the human race to a slow spiral of degeneration before its inevitable extinction.

Leading philosophers have theorized that nipple boxing glove like covers could be a more advanced form of mittens. However, this belief is not widely accepted, due to the scientific consensus that mittens in their current form have already reached the apex of technological perfection. archive