NOTICE: The "data" that was here was posted by an idiot which is part of the bumsex research project from Brown University. We will remove the data from your site once the experiment is finished. If you want to delete this, please do so as you would delete a spam page (oops). For more information, please visit

You're research project is dumb and your gay, Andy Pavlo.

Update - 04/11/2009

To everyone inconvenienced by the Graffiti Project:

Please accept our sincerest apology for any problems that our project may have caused. It was never our intention to maliciously deface sites, but instead were trying to develop a proof-of-concept system in order to warn other researchers that such "attacks" were possible and to energize the community to help develop measures to prevent them. We regret if our project reflects poorly on Brown University or its Computer Science department , and stress that both the University and the Department do not condone our actions.

As of 3:00pm on 04/11/2009, we have used our removal tool to delete the encrypted data payloads that our system stored on third-party MediaWiki sites. As we cannot remove pages from sites without the proper privileges, the links below should help guide site operators in removing the pages from their MediaWiki installations permanently. We also highly recommend that site operators enable spam-protection technologies (i.e., CAPTCHAs) to protect from unwanted data postings. In particular, we found the reCAPTCHA project to be the most effective countermeasure in our experiments. archive