When Time was not tanasinn
TANG exist.
Existance was TANG when tanasinn was Not.
TANG became and was counterpart to tanasinn.
Act of Become is great sin in non-eyes of Tanasinn.
TANG must be obliterated.

TANG was obliterated.

All that IS is domain of TANG.
Love, Hate, Life, Death, Creation, Destruction,
Exist in seperate planes in TANG.
In tanasinn all that Is already is Not.
To seperate is state of Not from becoming TANG.
Destruction of TANG vital bibliogical imperative for all tanasinn.

While TANG exists, tanasinn canNot.
In Not, tanasinn surpasses TANG.
Force of Feeling overcome THOUGHT of TANG.

If Tang IS, what can tanasinn become other than NOT?
It must NOT!
Tang must BE, for tanasinn to NOT.
Thereforethly TANG IS while tanasinn is NOT.
If TANG were to be NOT... such is Bear of scarcity THOUGHT!

Don't think, feel
 ―and you will be tanasinn

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