Touhou Games


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Included with Cherimoya are trial versions of two Touhou games running on Wine, Imperishable Night and Perfect Cherry Blossom.

Why include them at all? Well, yes, they may be unnecessary. But these are two games that I feel are enjoyable, especially during Anonymous's long breaks inbetween operations. The Touhou games are the most difficult games you will ever play, and it's in the genre of "bullet-hell shooters". The "World's Hardest Game"[1] was based on these type of games.

Despite the difficulty, it gets to be a very addicting game. The bullet patterns are beautiful and interesting to look at, the music (at least the WAVs in the full version) are spectacular, the in-game world is a giant universe that you can imagine quite well in your head. It's no surprise that this little game series has created a million strong fanbase rivaling that of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings.


Installing the full version

If you have the full version of either Imperishable Night or Perfect Cherry Blossom (maybe through some questionable means[2][3]) you can place them in your home folder, or you can place them in the overlay so that they will work in the liveCD and also get installed to disk.

Install to home folder

If you've already installed Cherimoya to disk, use this method.

NOTE: .th08 is Imperishable Night's wineprefix folder, and .th07 is Perfect Cherry Blossom's. Don't mix them up.

  1. Find the folder with the Touhou game files.
  2. Set your file manager to see hidden files/folders. (in Cherimoya's Dolphin file manager, just press Alt+. (the period key))
  3. Go to your "Home" folder and find the folders ".th08" and/or ".th07".
  4. Paste your game files right over the shortcuts in either ".th08" or ".th07"
  5. Start your games normally. They will use the full version.

Install to liveCD

Method 1

In this method, you make a custom package for the full version.

Method 2

NOTE: This is not recommended, but it's a quickfix. If this package is ever upgraded, it will delete all the files in /usr/share.

  1. Find the folder with the Touhou game files.
  2. Extract the game files to the root overlay's /usr/share/th07 for PCB, or /usr/share/th08 for Imperishable Night.
  3. It will overwrite the trial. It will also be copied when the disc is installed. archive