Type: Wiki
Theme: Crap
Boards: Some textboards with the wiki
Status: Dead
Founded: December 2006
Founder: Incompetent
Software: Mediawiki was mostly an Etherchan-Knockoff created by Kirk for ego-inflation purposes. Mostly it failed to deliver anything. It died one death due to hard drive crash, in which all data was lost because the admin had not thought of making backups. Then, it nearly died again, and there were again no backups. Then, it finally died for real, and the Owner and founder redirected all traffic to some "I give people styling tips" website he runs, because that is even more useful for ego-inflation, after all. He let the domain expire and now it hosts a lot of ads. Shii archived some of the better things from that website, but then deleted it again in 2012.

Today, the Bibliotheca Anonoma has archived nearly all of Shii's collected stories, remastered them, and discovered previously lost Wikichan stories with the help of it's former sysops.

Notable things contained archive