King of Spain

The King of Spain, also known as
Alfonso posing for his Facebook pic.

Alfonso Delirico Manuel Palanso Carlos Hugez Vicaro Dalmatino Sanchez Sanchez Paraguay de la Morte Aquabasilea Peter Heinrich Cassanova69 Ysmalat Barbara Feliz Navidad Feng Han Yo Lee.

is the King of Spain.

He got very infamous that one time he didnt flush the toilet... ON PURPOSE!!!

Also he tried to invade the world but whatever bruh.

The conquest of invading the world

As Alfonso saw the unfair position Spain had as a unrecognized world power, he had an evil plan.

Alfonso gave Columbus, a former imperialist, the unholy quest of conquering the world.

With no further explonation Columbus was on its own and had to travel trough the diffrent countries.

War against Iceland

Since Columbus fucked up in Iceland the emperor of Iceland, Eric the Red got very mad at Spain.

Therefor Spain wages war against the nordic nation.

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