The kingdom of Spain is a proud nation and imperial world power. It is famous for its adventurous conquests.
The flag of Spain.

Spain is located on the iberian Peninsula southwest of France. (like my penis)

Since Spain is sponsored by Red Bull, due to its risky sportive character, the flag has changed to a composition of medival and modern standards.

The current leader is the King of Spain.



During a dark period between 1993 and 1993 Spain was a minor power in Europes policy.

The spanish royalty could not exploit its own citizens enough to become a powerful nation.

The other countries didnt take Spain serious.

Spain was very depressed, it was teased in kindergarden and developed an inferiority complex.

But with the 2. Era this indignity should end. The world shall learn with who they are dealing with.

After the year 1993, when the year 1993 finally started, the King of Spain decided to invade everything.

He summoned Columbus from the dephts of his mothers belly and gave him the imperialistic quest of conquering the world.

For a description of this conquest click at Columbus or Columbus or Columbus or Columbus or Columbus or Columbus.

Columbus went trough 10 countries.

For a description of%&รง/ whatever...

After Columbus had to flee from Iceland, the Spanish-Icelandic War began and the newly formed WDwUB wages war against the FtL.


The King of Spain is the King of Spain is the King of Spain is the King of Spain is the King of Spain is the King of Spain.

Spain has a bad relationship with many countries.

Since Spain wages war against Iceland it joined the WDwUB to fight together with Uganda against Iceland and Mongolia.

Also Venezuela broke off the beer trading route between the two nations.

But on the other hand, Uganda is advocating the spanish plans and supports the nation with bananas.

Also, since there is no beer in Myanmar, the two countries are good trading partners.


Red Bull has a huge influence on spains economy.
a tomato sponsored by Red Bull.

The company sponsores many sportive events as the traditional Bullfighting or the Tomatina.

They also control the national beer market and eagerly try to join the UOBBN.


Spain has the Red Bull as a representative at the International meeting of famous animals.

Since Venezuela doesnt like Spain, it has no representative at the International meeting of famous plants.

Spains Nature is hugely influenced by Red Bull.

There are Trees and bushes, even fucking algae have the Red Bull logo imprinted somewhere on their body.

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