Eric the Red

Eric the Red is the current leader of Iceland

Eric is very gorgeous and loves Iceland
Eric the Red

In the year 1993 Eric crowned himself as the emperor of Iceland and joined the UOBBN

since then he heavily invested in the beer brewing industry.

Eric once saw a moose.

He often rides on his Nautilus because he is such a badass


Early Life

Eric was born at the age of 15, as the son of GarĂ°arr Svavarsson.

He was raised in a wealthy icelandic family. As a child he already loved to play with his pet Nautilus.

Eric visited the Highschool and later the national University to study imperialism.

He once forgot how to flush the toilet but was reminded by a flying coconut.

When his father died in 1993, Eric became the new king of Iceland.

Accession to the throne

Eric accessed the throne formally because his father died but in reallity by sitting on it.

When he sat on the throne a holy chant of the mermaids arised from the deep oceans.

Eric felt quite comfy on the throne, so he decided to do this as a full time job.

For a moment everything whent fine. His Nautili where happy, the music was groovin, the economy boomed,

the citizens where euphoric, the brewing industry brewed gorgeous beer and everything just worked very well.

But one day in February... that fucker Columbus came...

Spanish-Icelandic War

When the scouts reported about the arrival of Columbus in Iceland, Eric the red was quite very furious.
This historical image shows Eric the Red on his Nautilus during a sunday morning ride.

But as always, he had a genius plan.

Eric arranged the royal dragonboats on the cliffs of iceland.

from there they had a longer shooting range and didnt get wet from the water.

as Columbus came the dragonboats where able to jump into the water and dive directly to the front of the spanish armada.

overpowered by this tactic Columbus had to flee.

But Eric knew that this wont be the end and Columbus will try to invade Iceland for a second time.

He stationed his favourite Nautilus in the big beer brewing volcano and waited.

When Columbus sneaked into the island at night and climbed to the top of the volcano, Eric arised from the dephts on his nautilus and saved Iceland once and for all from the imperialistic claws of Columbus.

Since then, Iceland is at war against Spain.

In October of 1993 a scout reported, Japan will soon be invaded by Columbus.

outraged by this shocking news, Eric sailed to the coasts of Japan and created a big ass Tsunami witch destroyed the spanish armada and saved Japan from spanish ruling.

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