Sudan is a democracy located in Africa, near Madagascar.

Sudan got it's name from the arebic language, "bilād as-sūdān (بلاد السودان)" or "Land of Black People." It is a very apt name.

The Flag of Sudan

Sudan was founded after thousands of years of civil war late in the year 1993, where Osama Bin-Laden was elected as its first prime minister.



Sudan's rich and cultural history begins around 1070 BC, where at the time it was not named Sudan, but in fact "The Kingdom of Kush."

It is unknown exactly how this name came about, but it is said that Osama Bin Laden's great-great-great-great-seventh cousin's-uncle's-brother's-first cousin once removed's-sister was known for a heavenly garden of delights. One can only wonder.

It's first king, Obamba, was in fact the first black king in all of history, of which he is greatly remembered in the modern age.

As his first royal decree, he declared the national religion Islam, and shortly after the government and state fell into complete and utter disrepair.



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