World4ch /world4ch

Type: Text Board
Theme: JEWS
Boards: Many Boards
Status: DEAD
Founded: 2003
Founder: moot
Software: Modified Shiichan

World4ch was found in the dragnet of 4chan which is now owned by moot. When world2ch (the international version of 2channel where Anglophones and Japanophones came together in friendship /sarcasm) died the board software was given to moot (The owner of 4chan) by Shii (Who also wrote some of the code, without really having any sort of computer programming background, which explains the general crappyness), in an attempt to keep the English version of 2channel alive, attached to 4chan. According to best estimates, moot forgot that world4ch existed sometime around 2009. In April of 2014, moot remembered that his site also hosted some discussion boards, and hastily corrected this by deleting them.



The Best


Notable memes were born here such us Tablecat and JEWS.


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Science and Math
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