DQN Short Novel (Part 30)

DQN Short Novel

Wherein the future is dystopian and the GSL is Malaysian.

This chapter contains 18 posts, 624 words and 3687 characters.

Chapter dick: in which DQN attempts to deliver DQN-ness and struggles to do so.

( ゚∀゚) What is the nature of DQN-ness, grandpa?

"To be DQN is to be all and nothing. It is to desire and be sated. It is to know all and know nothing. It is...", continued Grandpa McMick, but before he could finish revealing the great truth he exploded. It was a very disappointing, low budget explosion, at that. Honestly, it was more a mediocre puff of smoke than an explosion. In fact, the explosion was just Grandpa spitting a bunch of sunflower seeds at DQN. However he was dead none the less, leaving both junior and beady eyes alone since his death brought end to the conlepas as well, however that void would soon be filled by clonepa.

Meanwhile, the Malay girl was also dead. This was of course because this was the distant future year of 1994, where an army of clonepas was being raised by none other than another clonepa, who had been sent back in time from the future where he had been raised.

"YOU HAVE DISPLEASED THE NEGUS" boomed Boom Boom Boom Boom I Want You In My Room II, all the while the narrative switched back to the present year of 1993.

The Malay girl, who was actually the GSL in disguise, began a campaign to ensure a good ending to this novel; prefereably one involving vivienne westwood bags. Well, I won't say Pink vivienne westwood wallet, you'll have to decide for yourselves vivienne westwood orb. Models sported bold cartoonish make-up vivienne westwood black ebury heart bag, painted over their red, green and yellow faces vivienne westwood jewellery, and fifties-inspired hairstyles vivienne westwood punk bags. A hot pink one-shouldered floor-length gown drew sighs from the crowd viviennewestwoodpunkstyle, as did an off-the-shoulder ditsy printed piece Vivienne Westwood Clutch Bags Black. Printed headscarves and embellished belts tightly cinching in models' waists also featured vivienne westwood bas orb earrings gold, along with wallpaper-inspired florals, glossy silk dresses with sequin detailing and ruching vivienne westwood scottish plaid.The designer herself wore a sequined hat, a white t-shirt emblazoned with her eco-slogan "Climate Revolution" and platform shoes vivienne westwood jewellery sale. She painted a moustache and circle around her eye in black during the finale of the show Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boots Light Apricot, in which Westwood and two models held up a Climate Revolution banner vivienne westwood sale uk.

However, Trursh appeared out of nowhere and took this moment to point out that the SUPER-SHORT NOVELSONG had been completed. And so he sang:




a song by Trursh of the DQN short novel volume 2, in association with the Elitist Superstructure of DQN

Luckily, a detailed description of those events has been documented. Here is the director's cut:

grew into Smoopy.

Produced more static energy than the largest Tesla generator ever could. "YOU HAVE DISPLEASED THE NEGUS" boomed

Honestly, it was more a mediocre puff of smoke than an explosion.

Meanwhile, in a place much less full of terrible music, the GSL and the GSS conferred. The GSS had recovered fully from his Italianitis, but the GSL had not, and it was beginning to progress into Malaysianitis. And if she could not get rid of her Malasianitis, she would be stricken with mortality, and the claw would come for her. She had seen the future, and it was horrible-- September would end, 1994 would come, and an army of clonepas would rise to take over the world. The only way to prevent this was to cure the GSL, saving the future (and the DQN Short Novel series) in the process. And so the GSS set out, riding on the back of Goscone, to either get a 999GET or find another cure for nationality-based diseases.

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