DQN Short Novel (Part 33)

DQN Short Novel

Book Three gets off to a rocky - and highly unsanitary - start.

This chapter contains 8 posts, 150 words and 843 characters.

Prologue: Mr Gray and his Exploding tripcode pals

It was 9 in the morning, and all was not well. All across the Elitist Superstructure, nines were turning into sixes. In fact, it wasn't even 9AM anymore, it was 6AM. A mysterious force was changing everything up, and it seemed to be trying to find a way to turn 1993 into 1663.

"Good start!" said Peter Griffin, and he stuck a thumb up to the audience. His flesh then rotted rapidly, leaving only a mushy pile of some disgusting sludge on the ground where he stood. A naked pervert rushed in and began to copulate with the sludge, but the scene curtains were quickly closed and the staff apologized for the interruption. In the mean time viewers could see rivers of sperm flowing under curtains and dripping from the stage.

Cum-soaked curtains became too heavy to be held up by the ceiling. The entire theater collapsed, killing everyone inside.

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