Loli to issho delight

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A dish created by master chef DQN-kun for Pedophiles as an act of kindness, as he is sickly and will die any day now. It was published on September 4718, 1993. Best served under the moon.



  1. Prior to beginning, make sure that love is over. If love is not yet over, smash in one of the black men heads and feast upon the contents.
  2. julienne
  3. Fill the mittens with the lunar dust
  4. Bake the stuffed mittens at 850 degrees for 12 hours, occasionally basting with love.
  5. fap fap fap
  6. Mix all the ingredients together in a large pie tin, with girls at the bottom and mittens at the top. The rest of the ingredients can go in any order. Then cover with the remaining love.
  7. Do not perform any additional step.

Menu Suggestions[edit]