Nation of Beer

"Germany, the nation of beer, is famous for its beer." - Captain Obvious
The Flag of Germany



This Section reports about the german history after the Third Reich.

For history during the Third Reich click at Third Reich, not at this one but at the first one, dumbass.

After Hitler died, Germany was hugely in dept and had a serious economic crisis.

Many citizens needed a job. By building up the beer brewing industry the new government created new jobs and great beer.

The newly formed beer industry flourished quickly and Germany became famous for its beer.

But then Columbus came...

When that fucker Columbus reached Karlsruhe, he didnt belive his eyes. the city was fully immersed by beer causing total "drunkstruction"

As he plead his holy quest he began to imperialise the country. But he didnt anticipate the hero of the Nation; Mother Merkel!

As Mother Merkel saw the dark schemings of Columbus she arrived in Karlsruhe, shooting lasers out of her eyes and screaming furiously. Much like the Eye of Cthulhu from Terraria [1]

Columbus had to flee and Germany was rescued.

Since then Germany lives in harmony and peace.


In Germany they have nature.
look at them nature, there is even two people walking cuz of so much nature ya know?

They have like trees and shit ya know?


Right now Germany is ruled by Mother Merkel.

"Merkel does not forgive, Merkel does not forget, Merkel is infinite, Merkel is our religion, our soul and our holy beer" -Aristotele

Also, Merkel does a pretty good job dealing with shit like Penguins and stuff.




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