Venezuela is a country located in the southern west of the northern down to the upper east, left of the right.
The flag of Venezuela, showing the Power Rangers on the toxic wasteland before planting trees fucking everywhere.

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1. Era

A long time ago Venezuela was populated by natives.

There is not much knowledge left about these guys but they must have had the worst internet connection ever back then.

Also their economics must have done something with toxic chemicals because soil probes told me so.

Scientific theories refer to outcomes of the textile and plastic industry.

For totally unknown reasons the toxics went into the air in an enormous blast and a bush fire lead to the extinction of the old culture.

After that, the land was fully covered with toxic ash and there was no living creature left in the newly formed wasteland.

2. Era

After the old civilisation went extinct there was a long period of nothing.

In fact there was so little goning on in Venezuela, all the movie theaters had to close.

After a while even nothing was offended by the amount of nothing happening and emigrated to Colombia.

Suddenly with an outcome of pure enthusiasm by media all over the world, in the 2134.September of 1 a snail crossed the borders of Guyana and Venezuela,

causing mass hysteria. For weeks every news channel reported the newest movements of the venezuelian snail who was named Harold.

In theory Harold could've claimed Venezuela as his nation but he was too busy doing other stuff, like moving.

Even more attention caused the tragic end of Harold. Only few meters away from the borders to Bolivia he starved to death, resulting a very sad outcome.

After that there was another long period of nothing.

3. Era

One day in 1993 the Power Rangers flew over the land and rediscovered it. With unbeliveable power, they activated their awesome DNA machine and plants shot out of the ground fucking everywhere.

The Power ranger then built a flying city and created the venezuelian civil code. They declared themselves as the government of the democratic country, Venezuela.

Since then Venezuelas population rised and a functional economy, infrastructure and political system was built.

The latest importance in Venezuelas history was the arrival of Columbus who wanted strech his dirty imperialistic hands all over America.

But the interlectual Flora and Fauna of Venezuela overwelmed him completly and after he drank a fresh beer from the angolian banananananatree he couldnt handle that shit no more and died due to liver failure.


There is a big diversity of the Flora in Venezuela. The land is nearby fully covered in trees because the government experimented with DNA technology.

There are some normal ones like the Meliaceae [1] and the Tabebuia [2],

but also some uncommon ones witch where created during the great DNA experiments of 1993. Some examples are the Pökisakitree and the angolian banananananatree

There is also a big diversity of the Fauna.

They have elephants flying from tree to tree, big cats shooting laser beams, Hornets building full sized ancient temples and the mysterious Xaclactarb

Venezuela is the host of the International meeting of famous plants.


The government of Venezuela consists of the 5 original Power Rangers:
A faithful citizen votes for his favourite Ranger.

Together they build the national council.

The national council gets elected by itself continuously creating the illusion of a democracy.

Every Power Ranger is also the leader of a political party that citizens can vote for, altough a party cant get more than one seat, since there is only one politican to vote for in each party.

Foreign relations

Venezuela has a good relationship to Japan.

Since the Power Rangers killed Godzilla, the countries share a strong trading business. Also Japan once sent 6 eggs to Venezuela because Venezuela wanted to bake a cake but didnt have enough eggs left.

Venezuelas relations with Europe have declined since that fucker Columbus drank their beer.


they sell beer and buy fancy underwear

nuff said


Venezuela is among the most urbanized countries in Latin America.
the words are to small arent they?

Most of the citizens live in trees and since there are trees everywhere the whole country is one big city, also called "Venezuela"

But there are different types of citizens, most common ethnic groups are:

If you dont get it look at the picture on the right.

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