International meeting of famous plants

"The International meeting of famous plants is a international meeting where famous plants meet internationally."

- Captain Obvious
From left to right: Iceland, Latvia, Japan, Switzerland.


In the mid 1993, When the Power Rangers created Venezuela, the great council of venezuelian trees anounced a meeting of different plants around the world.

With this meeting the cooperation between plants from different countries should be strenghtend and different planty problems should be discussed.

Since the first meeting there are plants from 10 different countries as representatives.


Venezuela: Angolian banananananatree

The great Angolian banananananatree represents Venezuela at the meeting and is the current president.

Together with the Power Rangers, the Tree wrote the holy treaty for the meetings and designed the council rooms.

Because of the beer fruits, the president always creates a frisky mood during the meetings.

Canada: The true Maple

The true Maple was the first plant that responded to the venezuelian request and joined the council.

It is well known for its majestic appearance and as a national symbol of Canada it has a cultic status.

Uruguay: Jacaranda

Jacaranda is a very mysterious plant. It grows only in Uruguay and is very quiet but wise.

During many heated discussions the wise advice of the Jacaranda solved the essential problem.

But there are also meetings where the Jacaranda does not talk at all...

Very mysterious, very mysterious...

Japan: Japanese Bonsai

Ah yes... the japanese Bonsai, who doesnt know him?

He has many fans and is very kawaii.

In Japan they call him かわいい盆栽.

He is a good friend of the Jacaranda and understands him the best.

Iceland: Iceland moss

When Eric the Red heard about the plans to establish a council of plants in Venezuela he knew... His Nautilus was not a plant.

Thats why he sent the Iceland moss as the representative of Iceland.

The Iceland moss is calm and has a good social competence.

Because of icelands cold climate, the Iceland moss retains a clear and productive head during heated discussions.

It also likes anything fluffy.

Egypt: Papyrus reed

As we all know, the ancient egyptian culture was based on Papyrus reeds.

Thats why the egyptian Pharao sent the Papyrus reed to Venezuela.

The Papyrus reed can be very spirited and sometimes a little bit mulish but is a useful member because of its inspirational ideas.

The Papyrus reed and the holy hops are good friends altough german and egyptian gods do not understand each other very well.

Switzerland: Swiss alpine rose

Switzerland: They have iconic cows, cheese and mountains.

And on these iconic mountains there grows and lives the Swiss alpine rose.

The rose studies every decision twice and has prevented much with his reflectiveness.

Germany: holy hops

The holy hops from Germany is a holy plant that german beer brewing masters use to brew their holy beer.

The holiness comes from the direct blessing of the old germanic Gods.

In general the holy hops is a good and productive member but sometimes he can be a bit arrogant.

Latvia: Potato

Potato go to Venezuela for meeting. Kill other plant for food, then rape sister. archive