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Welcome to Rei's is an acclaimed sitcom created by DQN-kun in association with Elitist Superstructure Productions. It premiered shortly after September 4866, 1993 (the actual date is unclear, possibly due to disturbances in the Space-Time Continuum during this period.)

The series is well-known for both its opening song, Anime Made Me A Child Molester, and for spawning the catchphrase "It's too much metal for one hand!"

   -‐‐- 、
/     ヽ
!  ! 人|,.iノl_ノ) Sorry, we're all out of that.
i  乂-‐ -! i
\ヽ .ゞ - ノノ
  ``フ i´
    / \ノゝ
  /__i |丱!|
==   THE REI'S DINER    ==

Original Press Release

Coming soon from Elitist Superstructure Productions: "Welcome to Rei's," a hilarious sitcom about the antics of the Frankenstein family and their life in Dokyu~n Village. Laugh as Hello Kitty and Spiderman attend 2GET High, and play pranks on their neighbours The Sasuga Brothers! It's too much metal for one hand! And, sing along with the catchy theme song!

I love anime so much
It's a mute point
It made me touch them, and I loved it
You have an alarm waiting for you in Goldmine.

( ゚ ヮ゚) Mittens
and vothing of walue was nost
You have an alarm waiting for you in Goldmine.
OAHRb aohrae rq3 43q ???!

** Brought to you by mittens **

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