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AAA! It came from VIP

It Came from VIP (VIPから来ますた?) is a 2006 science fiction film directed by Uhnold Schwaaaaazzenigger, and starring M00t as Akihito Murakami, Kamiyama Mangetsu-chan as herself and Cha-resu Dyure-ku.

The screenplay was by Hari- Essekkusu, from an original treatment by Rei Buradyu-buri-. In 2006, Buradyu-buri- published four versions of his screen treatment for the movie.

For her performance, Kamiyama Mangetsu-chan won the Golden Globe Award for "Most Promising Newcomer - Transvestite."


Astronomer Akihito Yoshitomi and schoolteacher Kamiyama Mangetsu-chan watch a great fireball crash to Japan near the city of Saitama, Saitama. After visiting the crash site, Murakami believes the "thing" not to be a meteor but an alien starship, but is laughed at by the locals, including animu otakus and the wapanese. Even Kamiyama Mangetsu-chan is unsure what to believe, but agrees to assist Murakami in his further investigation of the matter. In the following days, people disappear and return, acting mechanical and far different from their normal selves. After a while, even the otakus and wapanese themselves become convinced that something more than a meteor strike is involved, and they organize a posse. But Murakami hopes to reach a peaceful solution and enters a mine which appears to connect with the buried spot in which the BU-N craft rests...


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