Liechtenstein is a stone located between Austria and Switzerland.
The national flag of Liechtenstein

The stone weights 164 kg and there are currently 45 natives living in it.

Liechtenstein is a very small country, but with a relatively big influence on the beer market.

The nation itself never produced the holy beverage but most beer imports from Asia have to pass the customs of Liechtenstein.

A huge part of the nations income is produced by custom payments.



Back on a sunny Friday somewhen before 1993, when Switzerland and Austria were created, the two opposites of + and - lay directly next to each other.

Masses of free energy flowed trough Europe causing mass histeria and small blue spots on trees.

The hyperactive flow of energy even reached Egypt.

When Osiris heard about the alpine energy overflowing his nation, he had to take action.

He went to Kuwait and bought the biggest rock he found on Walmart.

With his holy powers, he placed the rock between the two opposites and Liechtenstein was created.


Since Liechtenstein is caught between Switzerland aka the big + and Austria aka the big - Liechtenstein never really had a clear political position.

Some politicians tried to enforce a national = movement that should bring eternal indifference to the country.

But like most radical movements, the idea of being totally equal never appealed to the public.

Today Liechtenstein has no big political influence in Europe.

On the other hand who said the need to?


Since Liechtenstein is caught between Swi... what do you mean you already know that?

Liechtenstein has a ski ressort, nuff said.

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