The Egyptians are an ancient civilization with a long and rich history.
The flag of Egypt.

Since ages the family tree of the hereditary Monarchy continues to grow, it outlives the ancestors of the King of Spain.

The egyptian flag has three stripes, a white one in the middle, a red one above and a black one beneath. In the middle of the white stripe the famous nile crocodile is shown.

The black stripe symbolises Osiris and his fundamental support for the country, the red stripe symbolises the blood for those who fought for the nation

and the white stripe symbolises the nile. You might say now, "but hey the nile is not white." Yeah but guess what, there is a fucking crocodile swiming in it so shut up!



The beginning:
An egyptian pyramid observed by a mongolian diplomat.

Back in the days before 1993, when time did not exist, Osiris came down to the earth and said "let there be an ancient civilization near this pretty river."

God heard about this but was busy creating other nations like Japan. Therefor she allowed the creations of Osiris.

When the year 1993 finally began the egyptians started to cultivate the land.

Osiris watched over the land and over the simple lives of the citizens.

This went on for many years during 1993 until the egypts discovered how to forge iron and how to tend cows.

The uprising

With new technologies and an evolution of the egyptian art and culture Osiris realized, he could not match as a ruler on his own.

With the power of gods, Osiris summoned Tutankhamun who became the new Pharaoh of Egypt.

Since then Osiris functions as the supporter and consultant of the new Pharaoh.

When Tutankhamun ascended the throne the egyptians leveled up and the pyramids were built.

During this time other nations began to recognize Egypt as a world power.


In the last few years of 1993, Egypt developed international connections.

It joined the FtL to create a counter-pole against Uganda and to be integraded in Icelands and Mongolias beer market.

Egypt also sent representatives to the international meetings of animals and plants. (see Nature)

Osiris is still protecting the nation but rarely interferes the politics of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun.


Egypts nature is mostly located around the fertile regions of the nile. There are many birds and stuff. A salsa dancing frog once bit me.

Egypts nature is cosmopolitic. The papyrus reed is the representative of the International meeting of famous plants

and the symbol of the nation, the nile crocodile is the representative of the International meeting of famous animals.


just look at the "Modernization" part of the History headline.


At the fertile regions by the nile, papyrus reeds are growing fabulously. The reeds are a very important, if not the most important ressource.

74% of all exports are products made out of papyrus. E.g Papyrus scrolls, papyrus shampoo, papyrus beer, papyrus underwear, etc.

The other 26% consist of jewelry and ceramics.

Egypt has a unusual beer one has to get used to. It is brewed with papyrus reeds and different spices. The connoisseur might love it but it is not made for the world market.

Thats why Egypt did not join the UOBBN.

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