Myanmar is a military dictatorship located in Asia, near China.

As the only country in the world that forbids the production and consumption of beer, Myanmar recently made it into the international news and caused anger in the beer comunity.
The Flag of Myanmar

Since Myanmar is also a member of the WDwUB, it is generally known as an evil place.

"But besides that, Myanmar is a very beautiful nation with great people, great culture and great nature."

- Johann Frieder, german Journalist, captured and tortured by the Myanmar military.



In the early days of human history the Burmese people traveled trough the great landscapes of Mongolia and China until they finally reached Myanmar in 1993.

When they found a spot to settle, their leader, Le Tsettel Hee, a military general started to coordinate and plan the construction of todays capital, Naypyidaw.

But before the constructions even started Mr.Hee was overthrown by a military coup and a new general, Constrac John took over the leading position.

When the capital was built, the infrastrucure provided the citizens with essential goods and services such as manicure and pedicure.

Mr.John started to reform the political system. He started different campains and reforms.

He also adopted a new law code. But accidentally, one law banned him from being the leader and then the military general Bannde Beere quickly got to the leading position and immediatly banned beer in the whole country.

Mr.Beere caused anger in the international beer community.

Many other countries gave up their political negotiations and even tried to punish Myanmar with sanctions.

Mr.Beere did not anticipate this negative repercussion and was quickly overthrown by the new military general and leader Eve Ill Dee Monn

Since then Mr.Dee Monn is the present leader and dictator of Myanmar. After the accession he joined the WDwUB and declared Myanmar as the most evil place in the world.

But there are roumors that he could soon be overtrown by his opponent Widraa debann Foo Beere Ann Gettade Mocra Cee, a military general.


The current leader is the military general Mr.Dee Monn.

Monn has done different things for the country.

None of them work very well.

He joined the WDwUB and started different undercover military raids against Mongolia and Japan.


Since Myanmar does not produce beer, the market index had some serious setbacks.

The industry heavily depends on opium and jade.

These two products are glorified and praised as an alternative to beer.

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