The mongols are a heroic ethnic group. In the mid 1993's they conquered a big region of asia and built up the mongolian empire.
The flag of Mongolia.

With Genghis Khan as the current leader, Mongolia experiences a golden era.



1. Era; The early stage
The disgusting banana invasion in Mongolia.

In the early 1993's the mongols didnt have a great leader. They wandered trough the solitude with their sheep and horses.

Their daily routine consisted of huntig, riding on horses, shooting with bows and playing with legos.

But the early mongols werent very good riders and hunters. With a lack of progress the nomads werent able to increase their territory.

2. Era; The rise of the empire

In the mid 1993's Genghis Khan was born.

He quickly became very popular by inventnting a new beer brewing method.

As it is written in old scrolls, Ghengis was choosen to be the first and only Leader of Mongolia or the mongolian empire as it was known since then.

Ghengis was a very intelligent though brutal emperor.

He wrote an own civil code, partially based on the code of Venezuela and reformed the economy.

From now on there were two types of localities. Big stationary cities out of stone were built across the country and small nomadic villagers still wandered around with their yurts and legos.

In the big cities the economy rose and other countries, especially Iceland, recognized mongolia as a lucrative trading partner.

3. Era; The banana invasion

As the economy of mongolia arose, Ugandas market declined and couldnt sell enough bananas anymore.

Therefor Uganda got angry at the mongols and tried to invade them with unholy bananas of terror.

The banana invasion began and mongolia was deeply affected.

Airplanes dropped bananas on the mongolian regions and mongolian children began to eat them, exploding brutally after the consumption.

Genghis Khan had to plan a counter offensive.

By creating a mongolian marine, Ghengis was able to attack the ugandian aircraft carriers and stop the invasion.

Nobody cared about the fact that Mongolia is an internal land.

4. Era; The rehabilitation

After Uganda was defeated, Mongolia began to rebuid the infrastructure.

The country reached a successful GDP of over 9000.


You might have noticed that the current leader of Mongolia is Genghis Khan.

If not: The following statement will explain this fact to you:

The current leader of Mongolia is Genghis Khan.

Mongolia is the creator of the FtL and therefor wages war against Uganda and Spain.


The official currency of Mongolia is tögrög
Mongolian woman in traditional clothing.

The mongols usually wear a unique traditional dress called "нүцгэн"

This dress protects them against the cold climate and also looks fancy.

In mongolia there are three national sports.

These sports are not traditionally practiced in the kitchen.

The mongolian music is highly dominated by rap and hip-hop music.

The language is perfectly adapted for sick rap shit.

Since the unknown artist Eyerun from Switzerland released an album called "A Mongolian Album" on July 20. 2016 the mongolian music scene is hyping his work and goes completly nuts.


Mongolia has the mongolian Squirrel as a representative at the International meeting of famous animals.

since there are no plants in Mongolia, there is no representative for the International meeting of famous plants.

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