DQN Short Novel (Characters)

This is a list of characters appearing in the DQN short novel, in order of appearance. Duplicates have mostly been omitted.


Part 1

EPILOGUE: Dying Flames of a Dokyun's Heart

Part 2: Vultures on the boundary of the river wheel Battle Tendency Electric Boogaloo Stardust Crusaders: EXTREME EDITION:ちんこ+

Chapter Three: Where the fuck is the plunger, and should ▇▇▇▇'s tanooki costume have gigantic balls attached to the front to add realism to it?

Part 3, chapter 3 The Legend of Zelda: Phantasy Star Online Chrono Trigger Monster Hunter Blazblue Project Diva: under the moon loli to issho Subterranean Animism

Chapter 3: Betrayal in Venice

Chapter 4: It's Always Sunny In Venice

Chapter 3 Version II: Nobody Cares About Venice

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