Spanish-Icelandic War

The war between Spain and Iceland broke out after Columbus tried to imperialize Iceland.
This historical image shows Eric the Red rising from the depths.


After Columbus failed to take over Germany he headed towards Iceland.

Columbus tried to invade the nordic country two times.

The first time he sailed directly towards the Island with his armada.

But because Eric the Red already expected Columbus. His dragonboats surprised the armada and the first invasion failed.

With the second attempt Columbus had a more elaborated plan.

He swam to Iceland during the night without being spotted by the icelandic costal guards.

Columbus sneaked trough the forest, he wanted to reach the top of the volcano because he heard that he could find icelands beer brewing secret there.

But as he reached the top of the volcano, Eric the Red arose from the dephts, riding his Nautilus and chasing Columbus out of the country, towards Canada.

The Japan incident

Columbus went on and he somewhen reached Japan.

When Eric the Red heard about Spains imperialistic plans to invade the asian island he had to intervene.

Eric sailed to Japan with his Nautilus and created a big ass tsunami that destroyed the spanish armada once and for all.

After this second act of active warfare the conflict changed into a political debate, together with the ugandian banana invasion.

Political debate

The Spanish-Icelandic War and the Mongolian-Ugandian War resulted in the funding of the FtL and the WDwUB.

Since then the two parties are archenemies and try to degrade each other politically and economically.

In the beginning Switzerland tried to mediate between the parties but it quickly realized that the hopless situation is beyond recall. archive