Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is the current leader of Mongolia.
Genghis Khan (upper middle) and his homies.

Early life & creation of the mongolian Empire

Genghis was born in the year 1993.

He instantly became the leader of Mongolia because of some sort of old traditional fuck or something I dont know.

With the age of 3 Months he began to reform the political system and creating an own civil code, based on the civil code of Venezuela.

He created big cities with all the good shit you need. Schools, police and fire department, hospital, borthel etc.

He also invented the great mongolian beer.

With this vast change in mongolian economy and culture, the mongolians felt into some sort of industrial revolution, just without Charlie Chaplin.

There were big green dogs in the sand and a crossbow on a fire truck in the FFFFFFF")SK(CXY(=XASKJJDJDS****+233schs.

War against Uganda

Since Uganda began to shoot unholy bananas of terror into Mongolia the two countries wage a brutal war against each other.

The banana invasion is also the reason why Mongolia joined the FtL.

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