Banana invasion

The Mongolian-Ugandian War aka the Banana Invasion is an ongoing conflict between Mongolia with assistance from the FtL and Uganda with assistance from the WDwUB.
This picture shows the influence bananas have in the Gobi dessert.

The conflict is the outcome of an economical crisis and divides the world and the inner regions of our universe into two political groups.


When Genghis Khan became the emperor of Mongolia and invented a new beer brewing method the mongolian economy boomed.

With the rising popularity of mongolian beer, the ungandian banana market declined and Uganda made huge losses due to Genghis Khan and his power.

Kony, the leader of Uganda instructed scientists from the national University to experiment on bananas and develop a new secret weapon.

With the invention of the unholy bananas of terror, Uganda upgraded his national army to an evil threat.

Early Stage

The first ugandian offensive started in 1993.

The ugandian marine positioned its battleships and aircraft carriers near the coast of the Philippines.

22 Aircrafts released unholy bananas over the Gobi dessert where they brought death and fear into the country.

Mongolia was deeply affected and requested Iceland for help.

After Icelandic spies discovered the hidden ugandian marine in the Philippines Mongolia started a counter offensive.

With the newly built mongolian marine the enemy was quickly eliminated.

At this point the drama was so real, nobody cared about the fact that Mongolia is an internal land and therefor has no ocean to build a marine power.

After these armed hostilities the two countries entered the second stage.

Late Stage

Now the war got international attention and the two antagonised partys, the FtL and the WDwUB, where pulled into the conflict.

The late stage consists on a formal political level, where sanctions and espionage are the common way of fighting.

Together with the ongoing war between Iceland and Spain an essential antagonism developed. archive