Uganda is an african country located north of Lake Victoria.

Victoria never visited Uganda tough.
The Flag of Uganda

Kony is the current leader of Uganda.

Some journalists mistake Uganda for another african country, Nigeria. Please dont be a bad journalist, correct your mistakes.



The History is deeply shaped by the uprising of the Kony dictatorship.

Since Kony, the past of Uganda has been forgotten and the present is the only past Uganda has.

One big event of the current past in 1993 was the release of a television show called "umaskini sasa".

Another big and ongoing event is the banana invasion, aka the war between Mongolia and Uganda.


Kony is the current leader.

There is only Kony, no international oil companies from america invest in the ugandian dictatorship for egoistic profit.

Kony is not sponsored by corrupt banks in any way.

Since the last elections the ugandian citizens had to realize... There never was an election.

Uganda is the founder of the WDwUB.


100% of Ugandas population is black.
Demographics of Uganda

Some Ugandians are as black as others.

The others are way more as black as some Ugandians.

Some Ugandians are so black they actually are black.


The black crowned crane is the representative of Uganda in the International meeting of famous animals.

Relating to the war against Mongolia, the black crowned crane positions himself as neutral.

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