Uruguay has always been a very mysterious country.

It is located in south America close to Venezuela but its exact location is unknown.
The flag of Uruguay with the golden Puma as a national symbol.

Uruguay is a Democracy and a member of the WDwUB.

It has its own top secret beer production.

But because it is so extremly secret, nobody outside Uruguay has ever seen it.

If you like marzipan you are as likely to love Uruguay as if you dont like marzipan.



The uruguayan people are mysterious wizards.

As it is written in old scrolls, the uruguayan religion is one of the oldest cultural heritages which is still practiced today.

With ominous rituals the priests pray to old spirits and reach a higher consciousness.

By meditating and drinking lots of beer various forms of drunkstruction are achieved.

But due to a strict secret code nearly no information about the practice of the rituals is known by the international wizard community.


Uruguay is a democracy and has a national council. But the internal politics are a well kept secret and nobody exactly knows who is a member of the council.

Since 1993 Uruguay is a member of the WDwUB.

It joined the club because of the uprising power of the FtL.

When Venezuela joined the FtL Uganda needed a secure and reliable ally in south America.

Because Venezuela and Uruguay where economical and political rivals for decades, Uruguay looked like the ideal ally for the WDwUB.


Uruguay has a mediocre variety of animals and plants. At least thats what is presentet to the public.
Uruguays planty representative is the Jacaranda.

Nobody exactly knows what special plants Uruguay has beacause anything is soooo top secret.

Uruguay sent the Jacaranda as the national representative at the International meeting of famous plants.

It has also sent the Puma as the national representative at the International meeting of famous animals.

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