International meeting of famous animals

"The International meeting of famous animals is a international meeting where famous animals meet internationally."

- Captain Obvious
From left to right: Mongolia, Canada, Switzerland, Uganda.


Switzerland was always known, not for something special but it was always known.

There were even Bananas that knew about Switzerland.

Thats why the country democratically decided to create the International meeting of famous animals.

Since the first meeting, there are animals from 10 different countries as representatives.


Switzerland: The great Cow

The great Cow of Switzerland is the president of the council and rules over the swiss cheese and beer production.

It has good relationships with the members, especially with the canadian Moose and the australian Kangaroo.

Together with the swiss democratic council they built up the meetings and the fancy underwear.

Canada: The Moose

The Moose is the national symbol of Canada.

It is very friendly and cooperative. It is never angry or emotionless and has good inputs, such as the purchase of a new coffee machine.

The Moose has good relationships with anyone because nobody could be angry at him.

Mongolia: Mongolian Squirrel

When Genghis Khan heard about the international meeting he knew it was time for the mongolian Squirrel to rise.

The mongolian Squrrel traveled trough the middle east with the mongolian Marine and reached Switzerland in the year 1993.

Because of the appearance of Mongolia in the meeting, Uganda announced to send its own representative to Switzerland.

But the Squirrel is not worried about a dispute during the meeting due to its meditation skills.

Japan: Pikachu

Japan sent Pikachu to the meeting because everything is so kawaii and Pikachu brought his own Mittens.

Pikachu is a very cute member and has sweet but sometimes useless ideas, neverteless everyone likes him.

Also God protects Pikachu.

Iceland: Eric's Nautilus

When Eric the Red heard about the international meeting of animals he directly sat on his Nautilus and flew to Switzerland.

Sadly Eric himself was not allowed to join the meeting, therefor his faithful nautilus was on its own.

Since the first meeting Eric's Nautilus is a worthy representator of Iceland during the meetings.

Uruguay: Puma

Uruguay sent the Puma as its representative.

What nobody knows is, the Puma acutally is a state agent who is spying on the other members.

But pssst! Dont reveal this secret plan.

The Puma is very inconspicuous and only has minor opinions.

Australia: Giant Kangaroo


Egypt: Nile Crocodile

The Nile Crocodile is an abitious member and representative of Egypt.

He was sent to Switzerland directly by Re.

The Nile Crocodile has a good relationship with Eric's Nautilus because they both like water.

Also Nile and Crocodile rime.

Uganda: Black crowned crane

Ugandas decision to join the meeting with the national symbol, The Black crowned crane, shocked the world.

But since Switzerland is a neutral nation and some countries like Uruguay and Spain support Uganda the permission was given.

In an interview the crane explained, he is not here to transfer the banana invasion into the animals world.

He furthermore wants to work together with the other nations and reduce any political tensions.

Spain Red Bull

Since Spain was not allowed to join the UOBBN he saw a new chance for global recognition by joining the international meeting of famous animals.

The King of Spain sent the Red Bull as spains representative.

Any critical argumets about Spain profiting from surreptitious advertising got rejected. archive