The Kingdom of France as we know it today is a relatively new nation. It was formed in the glorious year of 1993, during the french revolution.
The flag of France.

France is located in western europe, northeast to Spain, west to Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

The flag shows the national animal: the french snail. Do not confuse it with the icelandic flag.

The current leader of France is not very important. France is not part of the FtL or the WDwUB.

Since Napoleon was killed by Columbus as a child, he is not known to present historians.



France was formed during the french revolution.

During this time french revolution was formed.

Revolution was french this time was formed.

French formed this time it was revolution.

the french informed the revolution during this time.

During the time the french evolution was informed.

Information was formed french evolution was this time.

formal french time was informed.

French men formed the evolution in time during revolution.


The market of France highly profits from cheese and wine. Snails are sold too.

The Snail of France highly wines from selling cheese. Market too.

The french Wine sells highly from market cheese. Snails smell too.

The highly smelling cheese sells too. Wine is french.

The cheese snail wines because the market smells french.

The snail died due to an emotional overreaction.

The French died due to wine.

The Market died due to cheese.

France smells wine.


Most citicens from France are french. Other groups include egyptians, mongolians and fancy hippies from Uruguay.

Most french are from Mongolia. include other fancy egyptians like Uruguay.

Most egyptians include Uruguay, fancy groups are french. Mongolia mostly includes other hippies.

Most include mongolian France. Uruguay is fancy other groups like Egypt are hippies.

Most hippies are french groups. Fancy Uruguay is Mongolia, Egypt

Most mongols are egypitans and hippie groups. Uruguay includes other fancy french.

Most uruguayan hippies are fancy mongols waiting for Egypt to include France.

Most France are Egypt, Mongolia. Uruguay is hippy fancy group include.

Most Hippes are fancy french egyptians.


Snails are a very important part of french culture.

Important snails are very french. Culture is a part of it.

French importance is a part of very cultural snails.

Many snails are not french or important in any culture.

Culture has many snails, none of them are important or very much part of it.

This is it. There wont be snails on important cultural french parts.

The french invented the snails of Nizza.

No french man ever imported snails from very much culture.

There is a cultural importance in snail cult.

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