i'm a big fat butt

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Also known as the really short song, this short DQN song is about the author being a big fat butt. Depending how you count, it is pretty much the 11th DQN song. It was written, released, and first performed in one hour on September 4682, 1993.

Among its notable features, besides its shortness, is the fact that under the moon loli to issho is not mentioned even once.


i'm a big fat butt

i'm a big fat butt in popular culture[edit]

  • Many big fat butts are known to have uttered "i'm a big fat butt" [citation needed]
  • Queen Latifah once freestyled for seven epic minutes on the "i'm a big fat butt" theme during a show at the Roxy.



Whether the lyrics are

i'm a big fat butt


i'm a big fat butt
i'm a big fat butt

has been widely debated. Niggers, following >>9's expert advice, will use the former, disregarding >>8's opinion, which is considered by experts as "complete, utter bullshit" [citation needed] Assholes just use >>10's words as fact.

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