Iceland is a very cold but also really nice island. Some might even say it is an iceland.... #ohgodpleaseforgivemeforthisterriblejoke
The flag of Iceland.

It is located somewere near the northpole.



Iceland was discovered by the discoverer and proud viking Garðarr Svavarsson in the current year of 1993.

Garðarr actually tried to sail west from his homeland Sweden, to find a new passage to Japan.

But instead of Japan he landed on a unknown hostile island, dominated by volcanic activities.

Garðarr built a small village, he and his men were hunters and gatherers who didnt have many possessions.

Once in a while Garðarr went on expeditions where he discovered many interresting things like a colony of icelandic Nautili or the procedure of brewing icelandic beer

Later in 1993 Garðarr died under common circumstances and his son, Eric the Red became the new king of Iceland.


The current leader and king of Iceland is Eric the Red.

Eric often rides on his Nautilus, because he is awesome.

Iceland is a monarchy and a member of the UOBBN.

Foreign relations

Iceland has a good relationship to Mongolia and Germany.

Mongolia is a strong trading partner, the two countries are also supporting each other by giving a fuck about bananas.

Because the citizens of Germany are always drunk and they pray to old germanic Gods, Iceland is a big fan.

Iceland funded the FtL as a reaction to the invasion of Columbus. The result are the Spanish-Icelandic War and the banana invasion.

These two conflicts antagonise the FtL against the WDwUB.


In the middle of Iceland the gigantic volcano, Herðubreið rises into the sky. There are some other volcanos, but their names are too difficult to pronounce so I wont mention them.
Volcano activities of Iceland.

Volcanos are a big deal for icelandic culture because they are involved in the traditional icelandic beer brewing process.

Most of Icelands areas are cold grasslands, only a few forrests are located in the south.

Due to the fact that Iceland is an Island it is completly surrounded by water.

In the north of the country there are some glaciers wich formed in the last ice age. (not the movie)


Iceland has the Iceland moss as a representative at the International meeting of famous plants.

The Nautilus represents Iceland at the International meeting of famous animals.

There is nothing else about Icelands nature you have to know.

Go ahead.

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