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DQN-SONG #95 is one of DQN-kun's most controversial experimental songs. The title and the lyrics are constantly changing, and to understand them one must first understand quantum mechanics. It was released as a single on September 4671th, 1993.


The lyrics of this song, which are comprised of a chorus, shit, two verses, and a last line, are chosen randomly, but are always the same.

Snapshot Lyrics as of now

Warning: This is only a lyric snapshot, due to technical constraints of our 4-d universe, the lyrics cannot be shown in their entirety.

"DQN-SONG #95 was a failed sideproject of DQN-kun; it failed mainly because nobody could agree on the lyrics and because the "really long song" was far more popular."
>>1-5 are DQN
under the moon loli to issho
ok, now this song is complete, can anyone create a song transcript?

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